Relational Dreamwork

Why relational dreamwork. We live in a relational world affected by our ability to relate and engage on a conscious and unconscious level. How we live within our bodies, relate to other humans, engage the landscape around us, utilize the materials of the landscape to nourish and provide sanctuary, how we relate to other beings intricately weaves in our make-up, influencing, and guiding how we not just survive but thrive on this planet. Every movement, every use of our senses, our basic needs, emotional, spiritual, physical depend on our ability to be in relationship.

Even within the context of conventional western psychology where the notion of self, independence, individuation, and autonomy are explored there remains the inherent need for connection on a physical spiritual and emotional level.  To become aware of the body’s needs, to awaken to the essence of self and to feel love from another are all tied to a relational understanding. In some ways the idea of independence is a false concept because to be independent there is also a need for relationship in some form.

If we observe what is the root cause of suffering, we may discover it grows from our need and struggle to be in healthy relationships to all aspects of life. The desire for love, physical health, safety, friendship, a better life free from violence, discrimination etc. are tied to this notion of relationship.

We cannot thrive or flourish without healing and nourishing our connections and relationships to self, other and the world around us. We are bound together in this vast meshwork of life and our dreams can be a path to showing us the way to wholeness in relationship to all of who we are.

Why are Dreams Important…….

Dreams are alive in us. They excite, disturb, inspire, scare, encourage, and awaken us. They invoked in a curiosity to explain their mystery and uncover the wisdom, guidance, and hope we know they can offer.

In wandering the dream, we discover they can speak to the story of who we are, where we have traveled, how we engage the world and what keeps us from embodying our true selves. Dreams are a threshold to the mystery of who we are wrapped in the greater context of the world around us.

In relational and embodied dreamwork the approach holds every dream as an invitation to our unfolding soul story. These dream stories invoke feelings, associations, and memories that are unique to each of us. And when we acknowledge, gaze upon, and work with these stories we open to remembering. The dream calls us….

Opening us to love

Revealing our gifts while giving voice to the pain of our wounds

Healing and nurturing our playful creative expression

Touching the heart of longing to open to the depths of our callings

Reflecting our beingness as a mirror to the journey of our becoming

Arousing the sensual body memories of our wild primal self

Discovering the places that keep us hidden, exiled from wholeness

Bringing us home to the sanctuary of who we are

If we desire, they will transform us

As a dreamwalker and guide I invite you on a journey of remembering..awakening to the essence of who you are…….

The What of Relational Dreamwork

Relational dreamwork believes that all aspects of understanding and working within a personal developmental framework come from exploring with curiosity the inner and outer relationship with self and the world. In working with the dream we are searching for the the relationships between all aspects of the dream story and the dreamer. The connections, places, characters, stories where the dreamer is aroused in some way. The associations, feelings, and memories that link the dreamer to a deeper understanding of who they are, how they navigate the landscape around them and what remedies are offered in the dream for healing or awakening.

Relational dreamwork invites us to imagine our wholeness.

The approach within the relational dreamwork framework focuses on working with the dream as as a reflection of the inner and outer life of the dreamer. Each dream is unqic to the dreamer. Dreamwork is a sacred encounter of collaborative partnership between you, the dream, and if you work with someone, the dream practitioner. There is a cultivation and nurturing of not only the narrative of the dream but also the relationship developing between the dreamer and their dreaming life and the dreamer, dream, and practitioner

The focus is to nurture and nourish an environment within all aspects of the dreamwork process which encourages support, insight, and healing. An environment which awakens the ability to grow into wholeness by tending to relationship between, mind, body, soul, and community.

Within relational dreamwork we will enter the dream story in whatever form it comes as a full story, a moment, a feeling or image with curiosity and openness. In the beginning the dream’s story is told either by the dreamer or me. We will search the dream’s landscape, its characters, and the unfolding narrative for the places of energy that connect the dreamer to feelings, associations, and memories. It is here we are guided to explore what arises and how this mirrors the waking life. The unique cultural, spiritual, physical, and personal traditions and experiences of the dreamer are weaved in the ways we understand and work with your specific dream.

How I got here…….

My journey to relational dreamwork lies in a foundation explored through various modalities and techniques of dreamwork and earth centered practices. The work of Sue Scavo and Bill St. Cyr of Embodied Dreamwork, Carl Jung, Jeremy Taylor, Marion Woodman, and the Senoi peoples as well as shamanic and Toltec practices.

I bring an understanding of depth psychology, mythology, alchemical theory, somatic experiences, narrative work, gestalt, awareness techniques, and dream re-entry as a foundation to support the dreamwork experience. I work to open up a deeper sense of knowing by assisting the dreamer in developing skills to access the imaginal realms of their psyche. We learn to journey to the dream in waking or sleeping life by activating our relationship to the deeper unconscious where we then become receptive insight, intuition, and feeling.

Every session is a stepping into sacred relationship with the dream, dreamer, and practitioner, a co-creative ceremony which moves and changes as curiosity about the dream story expands, narrows, and deepens. The beauty of this process is that both the dreamer and practitioner can bring the support and guidance of allies such as animal guides, elemental beings, symbols, personal talismans and more as the dream is unfolding its wisdom.

Each dreamer has a unique dream and waking life story to share. I use active listening, awareness styles, intuitive work and my relationship to the dream as a way to follow the dreamer on their journey of opening. As the dreamer dives into their inner work I may make suggestions through my own curiosity yet know the dreamer guides the process. My hope is to offer a safe container for the dreamer to explore and dance among the dream elements to discover its wisdom. To witness and offer support the dreamer in their own becoming.

Weaving Webs of Wholeness: An apprenticeship with dreams & earth

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Weaving Webs of Wholeness: An apprenticeship with dreams & earth


Registration for Free Webinar


Thank you for registering I am pleased to have you participating in this exciting discussion & approach to dream work. In the next few days you will receive a more in depth letter from me to prepare you for the webinar. In the meantime I would like to offer that you check out our Facebook group "Dreaming Back to the Earth"